Monday, May 30, 2011


Drums done! next... everything else. Hopefully will get done before june 19th xxx

Monday, March 28, 2011

March and April

March 19ths gig at the exeter fell on a clipsal night again. We were bombarded by drunk morons again and the piano failed to work again. We used a tiny synthesizer instead and it sounded awesome. Some blamed the full moon. A good point was made about the tide and no wonder the moon can make people freak out because we're 80% water (thankyou beerlosophy).
  Personally I blame the lady with a lizard tattooed on her face and her man-friend who was built like a tank... tank man.

 Thanks for creating a fight creepy lizard woman, never come to our gig again and wank someone off. Infact, never come to our gigs again!

Our very first gig was at the exeter last year on a clipsal night.Here it is..

For those who don't know what the clipsal is, it's a car race where people come to drink beer ogle women wearing team colours and drunken mishaps occur. 

 While we were playing our music, this lizard woman on her face and tank man were being obnoxious to our friends. I was later told the lizard woman began wanking tank man off. This made our friends want to stay outside away from the grossness. 

During our last song, lizard woman was fighting with a security guard, he was trying to put her hands behind her back while she proceeded to choke him. They took it outside and lizard woman was threatening the bouncer with her shoe, while we played safety dance. Both tank man and lizard lady were eventually arrested.

Weird theatre was the sound track to another particualy weird night.

Last night (this being the 1st of April 2011) we had a show at the crown and anchor. We played last... so technically we headlined. This was a good thing because headlining means good therefore my logic is king but we were all so tiered and my throat was so fucked from busking. Heres kate and I busking (this is our folk punk thing Them and the so-alones)

That was fun. We played with an amazing piano bar band called the Bokchoy boys.
XO Bridget

Saturday, February 12, 2011

more songs

Lost dog blues- written by Sarah Brown and Weird theatre
  Lost Dog Blues by Weird Theatre

Paved with gold- written by Sarah Brown and Weird theatre

  7. Paved in Gold by Weird Theatre

Friday, February 4, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New shows for 2011

First off our alleyway show with the psychonauts at rymill park duckpond on febuary 5th
Thankyou summer nights can't wait.

Next show is at Shimmering West (outside Higher ground)
The mad hatters teaparty
and feb 27ths show 'art collective' also at Shimmering west

next show after that is the 19th of march at the exeter and tonight with tony fringe show feb 24th