Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weird Theatre on the radio

On Tuesday the 23rd of March, three of us went down to Radio Adelaide to play some songs for the programme Local Noise. In attendance on the eve were Sarah, Bridget and Ben (although Ben couldn't be heard on the show due to the fact he did not bring his instrument). We had fun with guitars, mandolin (referred to by the radio announcer as an extended ukelele), clarinet and jingle bells. It was a nice little acoustic set followed by an interview with the three of us. Songs from the night can be heard on
Here are some photos for you to enjoy in the meantime. See the music!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First pub gig

It was interesting...
Because the clipsal races were onthat weekend we got a lot of drunk bogans whisteling and trying to hit on my friends. Alot of them were cheering for us though and none of us were bottled so Im putting it down as a successful night altogether. We played safety dance... yeah bitch. and because I can't think of anything else to write I'll leave whoever you are with a robot
XXOO Bridget

Thursday, March 18, 2010

gig photos !

Here's a few snaps from our first and second gig. enjoy
playing at the botanical gardens*

 In a friends backyard*
A picture of the whole band*

The exeter!

safety dance!

Note: all photos marked * taken by Kate Duncan, All photos marked ! taken by Kate Grieves


This is so much easier than setting up a website... Ok, heres an introduction.

Weird theatre is a blues/swing/punk experiment out of Adelaide. We like to impose other elements into our shows like visuals. Last show we had a body painter and a human canvas...


The members of this wonder ful troupe are:

Sarah-Clarinet, Vocals, Saxaphone, Cat in a hat book

Justin-Percussion, silliness

Bridget- Noise, guitar, Vocals, mandolin?

Jefferson- Bass, men without hats look

Ben-Pinanao, synth, teh lolz

Andrei- bass (currentley in Amsterdam)

Must definatley stick around for us... oh what stage prescence we have......