Thursday, December 16, 2010

2010 recap and 2011 goals

Ok, so around this time last year the band had everyone gathered.

Well everyone except Jeff, he replaced Andrei when Andrei went back to Amsterdam. I had already met Sarah through a friend and we jammed, she told me about her boyfriend who could play piano (Ben), and I met Justin at a birthday.Andrei was the only one who had replied to my 'band wanted' poster in Derringers and emailed me. We all jammed at Rymil park and two teens sat down to watch us. They said we sounded good and were suprised when we told them it was our first time musicing together. Awesome.

At the 2009 merry xmas crawl (this is what people do in Adelaide. I swear we are only awake when the fringe is on) Sarah and Andrei were slurring about how weird theatre getting together was fate. I beleive this is what Amanda Palmer describes as 'rock love'. Also awesome.

By March 2010, we played our first gig, not counting a fundraiser for a play, at the exeter. Also our second gig. Our second gig was more crowded. Fortunatley it was on during the fringe so there were many people, unfortunatley it was the second day of the clipsal [cars racing around a circular track wasting precious resources]. There were many drunk men wereing car logos yelling "AC/DC".

the rest is kind of a crazy blur. We've had ali the painter and ali the canvas do a few shows with us. Ali [canvas] ended up looking like some villian from the mighty boosh-iverse. (look in albums :)

We were on radio Adelaide at the start of the year and we played an 45 minute set for 3D radio in september. Out of that show we got the recordings which are up on the space.
Oh we also came second in The Helpman academy's foundation front comp and won 500 pennies. The helpman academy basically help all of Adelaide's previous art students get some backup money, mentorships or grants. With the cash we are going to record our ep.

It will be grand! It will be magnificent and it will be within a budget. We are hoping to do it in January and the responsibility lays on me to contact sebastian, who also recorded the Them and the so-alones cd. We are playing various shows during the fringe and will know the dates later.

Personally I'd love to tour. In all the years i've been playing [six years] I've never done that.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three d radio recordings

We have songs up mother fuckers! find them at

Will be doing proper recordings soon but right now these songs will do. We are also looking for a trumpet player to join the merryment. If you live in Adelaide and are interested please contact us via email, myspace or facebook.

Next gig will probably be in December and Weird theatres first birthday is soon.

for now heres a picture of a one-eyed lady.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

How may we help you?

October will be very busy for the theatre. We've had a bit of a break because Sarahs writing music for a scout theatre show and the rest of us are dealing with studies/ horticulture, what-have-you.

October 1st- We will be playing a show called BINGO NOIR, which was organised by Matthew Vecchio. It's at Higher Ground on Light square [city], costs $10, starts at 8pm and we will also be playing with caberet outfit BIRD WISDOM

October 9th- We will be playing for a show called "Delusions of Grandure" hosted by the Helpman academy at the Rhino room with many interesting acts like a chip band, comedy sketch team THE GOLDEN PHUNG and other artists. Starts at 7, is $5 and will be fun fun FUN!

October 23rd- We be be on the Three D Radio (93.7FM) program THE SOUND LOUNGE from 9 to 11pm. Listen in for our musak and we'll be getting a recording of the show too!


Friday, August 27, 2010

Moar badges

heres a few more goodies for you to get your hands onto at our next gig. all Made by Bridget xo

Friday, July 16, 2010

Recordings commence soon mothers!

yeah this title says it all. We're trying to record our demo before the uni holidays start xxo
ps photos from last gig courtesy of abbey O Connor

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Jam 2

We've been organised into playing a show at the Higher Ground art base. And look at this loverly little pro-us piece the guy organising us wrote... thanks Matthew Vecchio music.

"Spawned from: Adelaide's musical swamp" "Purpose: a colourful destruction"
Just by looking at the instruments involved in this band you know its going to be good. a brilliant new art rock band. yes they will probably disagree with me calling them that... they describe it as "Weird theatre is a blues/swing/punk experiment out of Adelaide."
A band with a definitive punk ethos and fresh creativity.

Check out their BlogSpot about their band and you'll find that Weird Theatre are a lot more than just their music they are a movement in themselves.

checkout New Jam and see us and other new cool bands so you can DANCE MOTHER FUCKERS!

Door price $6

(this money helps the bands and the event gets organized so more events can be made!)

Doors Open at 8pm

other bands are

Higher Ground Artbase

(9 Light Square, Adelaide)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mercho information-o

Weird theatre will soon have badges. Made from recycled materials and hand-made
Here are some samples of two i've made already...

These will be available at our gigs and we can setup a paypal system once we understand  how to deal with one of those things...

Oh yes.. we also had a gig last night at shots pool lounge. See heres some

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weird Theatre on the radio

On Tuesday the 23rd of March, three of us went down to Radio Adelaide to play some songs for the programme Local Noise. In attendance on the eve were Sarah, Bridget and Ben (although Ben couldn't be heard on the show due to the fact he did not bring his instrument). We had fun with guitars, mandolin (referred to by the radio announcer as an extended ukelele), clarinet and jingle bells. It was a nice little acoustic set followed by an interview with the three of us. Songs from the night can be heard on
Here are some photos for you to enjoy in the meantime. See the music!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

First pub gig

It was interesting...
Because the clipsal races were onthat weekend we got a lot of drunk bogans whisteling and trying to hit on my friends. Alot of them were cheering for us though and none of us were bottled so Im putting it down as a successful night altogether. We played safety dance... yeah bitch. and because I can't think of anything else to write I'll leave whoever you are with a robot
XXOO Bridget

Thursday, March 18, 2010

gig photos !

Here's a few snaps from our first and second gig. enjoy
playing at the botanical gardens*

 In a friends backyard*
A picture of the whole band*

The exeter!

safety dance!

Note: all photos marked * taken by Kate Duncan, All photos marked ! taken by Kate Grieves


This is so much easier than setting up a website... Ok, heres an introduction.

Weird theatre is a blues/swing/punk experiment out of Adelaide. We like to impose other elements into our shows like visuals. Last show we had a body painter and a human canvas...


The members of this wonder ful troupe are:

Sarah-Clarinet, Vocals, Saxaphone, Cat in a hat book

Justin-Percussion, silliness

Bridget- Noise, guitar, Vocals, mandolin?

Jefferson- Bass, men without hats look

Ben-Pinanao, synth, teh lolz

Andrei- bass (currentley in Amsterdam)

Must definatley stick around for us... oh what stage prescence we have......